Your Rights

Our staff can assist you and assure your rights are respected. Our recipient Rights Staff will help you in filling out a complaint if you believe your rights have been violated. You may also contact Holly Hess, Recipient Rights Officer at 269-948-8041.

  • Policies & Procedures: Click here to learn about our policies and procedures governed under your rights.



    Your records are kept electronically in a secured system and are available only to approved staff unless you permit their release in writing. State and Federal Laws guarantee your rights of privacy. All privacy rules and your rights as a client will be explained on your first visit.




    Fees are based on our cost to provide services. Your part of that fee is set up based upon your ability to pay. No one is refused mental health services if he/she cannot pay. There are some substance abuse services which require payment in advance.





    Click here to learn about our behavioral health policies and procedures, along with any required governances.