Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

At Barry County Community Mental Health Authority (BCCMHA), we provide mental health and substance abuse services to residents of Barry County, in an accessible and affordable manner. Our goal is to provide treatment, recovery, and hope for individuals in the most effective, least restrictive level of care, and to create the best possible environment for independence and wellness for people living with mental illnesses, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and or substance use disorders.

As a provider of comprehensive mental health services, our continuum of care extends to all ages, with a multitude of services to include both outpatient, home-based, school, and community-based programs. We follow a recovery model which emphasizes and supports each individual's potential for mental wellness, empowerment, and social inclusion. Services are provided in a person-centered, family-driven and youth-guided manner. Individuals, families and youth have an empowered, decision-making role in how their care is delivered.

Outpatient Clinic Services

Outpatient therapy services may be provided to Medicaid eligible Barry County residents who meet medical necessity criteria for Severe and Persistent Mental Illness and/or Children with Serious Emotional Disturbance.  Outpatient services may include one or a combination of the following: consultation, group, individual, or family/child therapy, and/or testing services as appropriate.  Services are aimed at providing expedient services and efficient solutions to client problems and/or support for stabilization. 


Emergency Services

Mental health emergencies or crisis can happen late at night or on weekends. Services are available 24 hours per day to assist those in need.

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After Hospital Care

Persons released from an inpatient psychiatric hospital or residential services may need help in making changes for life at home. Help is available linking to services and resources after being in the hospital or treatment center.

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Psychiatric Services

Appointments with our doctor for medication reviews may be arranged with other mental health services you are receiving from our agency.


Respite Services

These services give families short breaks from taking care of a developmentally disabled person or emotionally distressed child at home.


Supported Employment

A service to help adults with disabilities to get a job and do well at a job in the community.


Family Services

A number of services for families who have a child or children with developmental challenges, emotional difficulties, or an autism spectrum disorder.

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Senior Services

Therapy services for those over 60 years old provided at a person’s home, in our office or in the community.

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Community Living Supports

These services are for persons with mental health or intellectual/developmental disability needs that make it difficult to live on their own. This service is designed to help persons in increasing productivity, independence, community inclusion and involvement.

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Case Management Services

Case management is a Medicaid-covered service that may be made available to children with serious emotional disturbances, adults with a severe and persistent mental illness, persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities, individuals with a substance use disorder, and those with co-occurring substance use disorders. It is the goal of the BCCMHA case management team to provide linking, monitoring, coordination and advocacy services to individuals that will aid in preventing hospitalization, providing assistance for clients to reach their maximum level of functioning, and increasing community integration.


Residential Care Services

Services and help finding a place to live for persons with developmental disabilities or mental illness who are not able to live alone.

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Home Based Services

Intensive services provided to infants, children, and families in the home, based on the family and the child’s specific needs.

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Peer Support Specialist

Provide support, guidance, and lend a hand to those involved with the mental health and substance abuse system to help people to be a part of the community, be independent, be productive, and attain wellness and recovery.


Consultation and Prevention Services

We promote support and teamwork with other groups for those we serve. Education programs and community awareness are offered in an effort to prevent problems and stressors from becoming severe mental health problems. *Prevention services are funded in part by Barry County United Way.


Intenstive Outpatient Program

A service program that provides more intensive group and/or individual contact designed to help with more urgent emotional and /or substance abuse issues.


Substance Abuse Prevention Services

Community and school-based programs, classes, and presentations focusing on the prevention of substance abuse, geared towards youth, families and adults.

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Substance Abuse Assessment and Referral

A stand alone, clinical evaluatoin to determine potential treatment needs and provide treatment recommendations as needed.

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Substance Abuse License Appeal Assessment

This assessment helps document a person’s recovery efforts as required by the Licensing Appeal Division of the Secretary of State.  This process supports the potential return of drving priveleges.  Prepayment is required.

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Medication Assisted Treatment

Barry County Community Mental Health Authority’s substance abuse services program works with a certified Suboxone doctor, to help those with narcotics addiction in staying clean and sober and rebuilding their life.

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Autism Services

Services to children under the age of 21 who fall on the Autism Spectrum and meet eligibility criteria.

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Family Support Subsidy Program

The program provides financial assistance to families that include a child with severe developmental disabilities.  The intent is to help make it possible for children with developmental disabilities to remain with or return to their birth or adoptive families.


Wraparound Services

This program provides supportive services at home and in the community through collaboration with community partners to ensure safety and stability of families in Barry County.



Hope, Health and Happiness

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You can sign up for myStrength today by starting your journey below. You will be asked for an Access Code. For Barry County, the code is SWMBarry. After entering the code, please complete the personal profile and/or a brief Wellness Assessment. Once you create the account, you may login directly in the future.

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Your records are kept electronically in a secured system and are available only to approved staff unless you permit their release in writing. State and Federal Laws guarantee your rights of  privacy. All privacy rules and your rights as a client will be explained on your first visit.



Fees are based on our cost to provide services. Your part of that fee is set up based upon your ability to pay. NO ONE IS REFUSED MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES IF HE/SHE CANNOT PAY.  There are some substance abuse services which require payment in advance.



Our staff can assist you and assure your rights are respected. Our recipient Rights Staff will help you in filling out a complaint if you believe your rights have been violated. You may also contact Holly Hess, Recipient Rights Officer at 269-948-8041


Customer Service

Customer Service is available to talk about service concerns and assist with linkage to other services and community resources. You may contact Lynn Bennett, Customer Service Representative at 269-948-8041 or a Southwest Michigan Behavioral Health Member Specialist at (800) 890-3712 TTY:  (800) 649-3777 or 711 (MRC)