Addiction Services

Treatment for Substance Use Disorder in a Confidential and Supportive Environment

Prevention Services

We offer community and school-based programs, classes and presentations focusing on the prevention of substance use disorder, geared towards youth, families and adults. Details of these services can be seen at our specific substance prevention task force website at, Barry County Substance Use Disorder Task Force. The mission of the Barry County Substance Abuse Task Force (SATF) is to prevent, reduce, and address the consequences of existing and emerging substance use and abuse issues through collaborative efforts for youth and adults in our community.



BCCMHA offers a continuum of substance use disorder treatment services to adolescents and adults, including intensive outpatient (IOP), individual and group therapy.


Medication Assisted Treatment

Our substance use disorder services program works with a certified Suboxone doctor, to help those with narcotics addiction in staying clean and sober and rebuilding their life.


Evaluation and Referral

A stand alone, clinical evaluation to determine potential treatment needs and provide treatment recommendations as needed.


License Appeal Assessment

This assessment helps document a person’s recovery efforts as required by the Licensing Appeal Division of the Secretary of State.  This process supports the potential return of driving privileges.  Pre-payment is required.